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Krenn KMU-16 Scissor Style Cutter 5/8"

Krenn KMU-16 Scissor Style Cutter 5/8"

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Krenn MU-16 Scissor Style Cutter 5/8"

Krenn Scissor Style Cutters are powerful, compact and versatile. The scissor style cutting action and 60HRC blades makes them ideal for cutting locks, chains, drum bolts, container seals, wire mesh, hard wire, rod and fasteners. They use an electric motor to drive built-in hydraulic pump giving you power of hydraulics in compact design, eliminating cumbersome hoses and separate pumps. These ergonomic cutters eliminate dangerous cut-off saws, torches, large manual bolt cutters and reduce injuries.

Cutting capacity: .630" (Full hard: .472") Time: 1.5 sec. Weight: 20 lbs.

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